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Understand Your Market


Effective communication requires a clear understanding of your audience, their needs, their desires and their perspective on life.

Identify Your Target Audience

  • List specific audiences you are trying to reach and why
  • Create a profile for each of your audiences:
    • Include relevant backgrounds based on your audience
      (cultural, historical, social, economic, political and philosophical)
    • Make a list of their needs
    • Make a list of their desires
    • Personify this profile by giving it a name
    • Add details that help you think of it as a real person (occupation, age, education)

Conduct a Benefit/Needs Analysis

  • List the products or services you have to offer
  • For each product or service:
  • List the audience profile needs your offer meets
  • List the audience profile desires your offer fulfills
    • From your lists, identify the profiles your offer serves best
    • Use product/profile matches to determine what you are really selling
      (Audience needs like community and security become your marketing message.)
    • Determine what sets your offer apart from other similar offers
      (This unique selling point will help you unify your messages and give them structure.)

Identify Your Organization's Personality and Style

  • Determine how your audience perceives your organization culturally, historically, socially, politically and economically
  • Determine how you want to be perceived culturally, historically, socially, politically and economically
  • If they're different, list the steps needed to make your desired perception a reality