Theme Personalization


Congratulations on choosing one of our professionally designed themes for your site. Our themes have been crafted to help you unify your brand across  the Web, mobile, email and print. Each theme has been created from the ground up with a unique persona in mind and has been thoughtfully engineered and rigorously tested to ensure optimal compatibility and performance.

During personalization we seamlessly combine your logo and images with our design to transform your communication into a visual identity that is uniquely you. 

What You Get from Us

Because we didn't take a cookie cutter approach to design, each theme offers unique opportunities for personalization. To streamline the process and make it as easy and cost effective as possible for you and for us, we hand selected a list of modifications that transform the look and feel without the expense of re-certifying themes after making structural or functional changes to the underlying HTML, CSS and Javascript.


  • Create a Web Version of Your Logo*
  • Create a Favorite Icon Based on Your Logo*
  • Integrate Your Logo Into the Web Design*
  • Update Text Heading and Link Color Based on the Primary Color of your logo
  • Replace the Central Theme Background Image Using Your Provided Image (if applicable)
  • Insert Up to Five Header Images Using Your Provided Images


  • Create a Mobile Touch Icon Based on Your Logo*


  • Integrate Your Logo Into the Email Design*
  • Update Text Heading and Link Colors Based on the Primary Color(s) of your logo


  • Create a Scalable Vector Graphic Version of Your Logo*
  • Integrate Your Logo Into the Print Designs*
  • Update Text Heading Colors Based on the Primary Color(s) of your logo
  • Replace Up to Five Editorial Images Using Your Provided Images
*Dependent on receiving a suitable vector graphic of your logo in one of the following formats: Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Encapsulated Postscript (.eps), or Scalable Vector Graphic (.svg).

What We Need from You

  • A Drawing File of Your Logo in .ai, .eps, or .svg Format (layered vector, not embedded or rasterized images)
  • A Web Background Replacement Image (if applicable)
  • Up to 5 Web Header Images (at least 960 pixels wide)
  • Up to 5 Editorial Images for Print (240 to 300 dpi)

Axletree Media only secures licenses for our theme images. You are responsible for securing licenses for any image files you provide for personalization.

Getting Started

  • Sign In to the Thrive Control Panel
  • Choose Your Site
  • Select Customize Themes
  • Choose the Theme to Personalize
  • Select Request Personalization
  • Upload Your Logo, Web and Print Personalization Files to the Server
  • Complete the Theme Personalization Request Form
  • Check Your Email and Respond to Any Messages We Send
  • Apply the Customized Theme When Personalization Is Complete

Theme personalization generally takes about ten business days from the time you provide us with the necessary logo and image files. Logo changes and additional personalization revisions submitted after branding and color changes have been completed may incur costs beyond the initial setup fee.