Submenu Widget


The Submenu Widget allows you to control the display of your site's submenu.


All attributes must appear in the opening <widget> tag and be surrounded by double-quotes.


The class attribute allows you to specify a class for your submenu.
Default Value: none
Limitations: Same as for any CSS3 class name.


The direction attribute determines the layout direction of the submenu.
Default Value: Vertical
Limitations: Must be one of the following.
  • Horizontal - Lists menu links across the page.
  • Vertical - Lists menu links down the page.


The interactive attribute determines if your submenu includes interactive drop menus.
Default Value: False
Limitations: Must be one of the following.
  • False - Does not generate drop menus.
  • True - Does generate drop menus.


<widget name="submenu" direction="vertical" interactive="false"></widget>