Smart Tags


Using our smart tags, you can insert object properties into your theme. There are two branching statements, seven widgets, eight data objects and five data collections. Branching Statements, Widget Controls and System Data Objects can be used anywhere, while Content Data Objects are only available in specific circumstances.

Branching Statements

You can control content output using two branching statements.

Widget Controls

There are seven widget controls you can use to create special control structures on your site.

Data Objects

Data Objects allow you to display the properties of various kinds of content in your site. System Data Objects are always available, while Content Data Objects are only available in certain circumstances.

System Data Objects

    Data Collections

    As their name suggests, Data Collections are groups of Data Objects. All the Data Objects in a Data Collection are of the same type. Data Collections can appear in all the same places where their matching Data Objects appear.
    • Comments - Collection of Comment Data Objects
    • Episodes - Collection of Episode Data Objects
    • EventOccurrences - Collection of Event Data Objects
    • Images - Collection of Image Data Objects
    • Posts - Collection of Post Data Objects