Publish Your Content


You've been using familiar tools like pen and paper or word processing and spreadsheet software to learn and exercise your communication skills. All that planning and preparation is about to pay off because it will allow you to relax and focus on learning new technology that isn't difficult, but may be less familiar.

Site Setup

All of the following can be accomplished in the Site Settings area:
  • Ensure that dates and times are formatted correctly by choosing your locale
  • Ensure that dates and times are calculated correctly by choosing your time zone
  • Promote your brand by incorporating your logo into web, print and email
  • Ensure that you're able to analyze site visits by entering your analytics code

Choose a Theme

Use the organization personality profile you created earlier in the Understand Your Market section of the Plan phase to find a visual identity that matches your organization's personality.

Get Your Team On-board

  • Send invites to team members and assign their roles based on team affiliations
  • Create communication groups within the application

Add Content To Your Site

  • Publish your home page
  • Using the site map you created earlier in the Organize Your Content section of the Build phase assign sections of your site to your publishing team
  • Have the publishing team create and organize pages, albums, blogs, calendars, forms and media