Publish Media


Publish Media allows you to publish audio and video podcasts. Media content is a great way to add an additional channel of communication to your site. You can use Publish Media for sermons, small groups, vision casting, training, motivation, announcements, etc...

Editor Controls

Use the editor controls to format your content in the main body of the media page. More»

Content Controls

The content controls located at the top of the screen allow you to upload and manage files; create more pages, albums, blogs, calendars, forms and media; save and publish changes to the current page.

Adding New Media

Click the Add Media button to open the Publish Media window. Here is where you'll title, link schedule, and publish your new media item.

  • Media Title Give your media a title in this field.
  • Media Address The media address is the field where you'll link to your media file. You can click the Files button at the end of the filed to select a file you've already uploaded to your storage area. Or if your file is located elsewhere you can type out the URL for the file in the field. Please note you need to include the full URL including the http:// when adding the Media Address.
  • Web Address The web address area will be autofilled with the title of your blog post. If however you'd like to make a change to the web address simply click in the field and make your changes.
  • Summary/Description The summary/description area is a great place for you to provide a small overview of the blog post itself or even a small snippet. What you add in this area is used for two purposes. The first is that this text will display as an introduction to your blog post before the user clicks to view and read your post. The second purpose is for search engines to accurately index this blog post in user search results.
  • Keywords/Tags Use the keywords/tags section to include pertinent words that users of your site could use to find this particular piece of content.
  • Schedule You can use the schedule section to schedule the blog post to publish to the site at a date and time in the future. Read more about scheduling your content here.
  • Comments Select whether or not you will allow users to comment on your blog posts. Checking the “Allow Comments” box will allow signed-in users to add a comment that will need to be approved before it is displayed on the site. The site owner receives a notification via email to approve or reject the comment. As soon as the link is clicked to approve the comment is immediately viewable on the site. To bypass the approval process check the box for both “Allow Comments” and “Publish Comments” for comments to appear immediately.