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Plan For Success


Planning is one of the most important steps you can take toward success. A plan helps you stay focused on what's important, avoid costly mistakes and finish on schedule. The biggest mistake you can make in implementing a successful communications strategy is never developing one.

In this section you will achieve the following goals:
Use the Planning Primer and User Centered Design guides to help you complete this section.

Start with the Right People

It's important to engage the right people in each stage of your launch. In general, people on your team can be divided into three broad categories: dreamers, planners and doers. When their skill sets are applied correctly, each personality type is an invaluable asset to your team.


Dreamers see what doesn't exist yet. They really enjoy thinking of the possibilities, but often quickly lose interest in the details--especially when those details represent barriers on a clear path to their dreams. They thrive on brainstorming, "thinking outside the box" and generally being a "positive" influence on a "negative" world. Dreamers, or "visionaries" as they like to think of themselves, often find their way into upper management, and are quite likely a member of your organization's leadership team. They're valuable because they inspire your team to achieve more than mere mediocrity.


Planners translate dreamers' possibilities into a realistic plan of action. They really enjoy the process of problem solving, but don't necessarily thrive on executing the plan. Planners are extremely analytical. They're valuable because they take the dreamers' vision and put it on the path to completion.


Doers see what has to be done and do it. They really enjoy producing results, but feel like they're wasting time dreaming and planning.