Initial Setup

Your launch coach will contact you within a few days of your order to help you complete the initial setup for your services. To make the call as productive as possible, please have the following information ready.

Site Address

What Internet domain name do you want people to use to view your new site? Do you currently own the domain? If so, skip to the Domain Name Service section below. If not, you can purchase a domain at industry competitive rates through Axletree Domains. (Domains purchased through Axletree Domains are automatically configured to use our domain name services--so there's no additional setup unless you have your own Exchange server or Intranet site for which you need us to add entries.)

Domain Name Service

Do you plan on using the domain name services included with your site? If so, are there any special entries for third-party services like an Exchange server or Intranet site that you need us to set up for the domain? See Domain Setup for more information.


Do you plan to use the email service included with your site? If so, please have a list of up to ten email addresses and temporary passwords ready so that we can expedite the setup of your email boxes. Instructions for configuring your email software can be found on the Email Setup page.


Does your organization have a Facebook page? If not, we highly recommend creating one by following the instructions on the Facebook Page Setup page.


Does your organization have a corporate Twitter account? If not, we highly recommend creating one by following the instructions on the Twitter Account Setup page.


Our system is integrated with MailChimp's world-class bulk email solution. Not only do the folks at MailChimp provide extraordinary service, they offer a free account that includes up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. Of course, if you need more than that, they offer competitive rates on additional services as well. For more information, see MailChimp Setup.

Choose a Design Option

You have two options when it comes to design: have us personalize one of our professionally designed themes, or bring your own and let us implement it for you. You can learn more about each option on the Theme Personalization and Custom Design Implementation pages.

Choose a Launch Date

While you might not have an exact launch date in mind, it's important to set goals now because it will help us help you stay on track for a successful launch.