Custom Theme Implementation


Congratulations on choosing your own visual identity. During custom theme implementation, we convert the design files as well as any html and css provided by your designer into the assets our system will use to merge your message with your visual identity. 

Some Things You Should Know


Because of the additional time and resources involved in custom theme implementation, we ask that you submit design proofs/concepts or links to third-party preview sites if purchasing a ready-made theme before purchasing so we can provide a quote for the additional cost beyond the standard setup fee as well as feedback concerning any incompatibilities present in the theme as discussed below.  Send an email to or contact us by phone (877-241-0540) for more information.

Best Effort Service

We will make every reasonable effort to faithfully recreate the look and feel of the original design. However, because designers' understanding of responsive Web design techniques vary significantly and because designs intended for use in content management systems like WordPress and Joomla represent specific combinations of content and classes generated outside of our application, it is impossible to guarantee 100% compatibility of every design detail. Where possible, we will try to inform you of any clearly known areas of incompatibility before we begin implementation.

What Is Included: Look and Feel

Design implementation includes the visual arrangement of content blocks, images and colors that can be specified using HTML and CSS elements, rules and attributes (i.e. font styles such as family, color, size, weight, etc.; text and box shadows; background colors and images, CSS animations/transitions - note that not all of this will be supported in all browsers; and hover effects). In addition to the general theme design, we will implement one content template for each of the following content types: Home, Page, Album, Blog/Media, Calendar, and Form.

What Is Not Included: Features and Functionality

Design implementation does not include features and functionality implemented outside of HTML and CSS (i.e. JavaScript, jQuery and WordPress or Joomla Widgets - these categories also specifically include tabs, accordions, counters/timers, slideshows, carousels, sliders, portfolios, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and other social media streams/widgets). If the theme includes a Flash or JavaScript slideshow, it will be replaced with our built-in version which can easily be created and maintained using our editing tools. At our discretion, we may include original or modified JavaScript or jQuery files if they do not produce errors or interfere with the functionality of our native scripts.

What You Get from Us

Upon receiving your files, we will evaluate the design and let you know if we see any problems. Here is what you'll get from us:


  • Web version of your logo*
  • Favicon based on your logo*
  • Integration of your logo into the web design*
  • Implementation of HTML and CSS for 1 web theme and up to 7 content templates (for home, page, album, blog, media, calendar, form page types) 


  • Mobile touch icon based on your logo*
  • Creation of a responsive mobile stylesheet for mobile devices


  • Integration of your logo into our default email design*
  • Coordination of default email design colors with your web design


  • SVG version of your logo*
  • Integration of your logo into our default print templates*
  • Coordination of default print design colors with your web design
  • Insertion of one background image into each of our default print templates (brochure, business card, envelope, guide, letterhead)**
*Dependent upon our receipt of a suitable vector graphic of your logo in one of the following formats: Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Encapsulated Postscript (.eps), or Scalable Vector Graphic (.svg).
**Dependent upon our receipt of suitable print-resolution graphics (300-dpi).

What We Need from You

To streamline the process and make it as easy and cost effective as possible for you and us, we ask that designers provide the following assets:
  •  A drawing file of your logo in .ai, .eps, or .svg Format (layered vector, not embedded or rasterized images)
  • One 72-dpi, RGB, layered Photoshop file for each of the Web templates (home, album, blog, calendar, form, page, podcast) that you want implemented;
  • One 300-dpi, RGB background image in JPG or PNG format for each of the print templates (brochure, business card, envelope, guide, letterhead) that you want implemented;
  • One text file listing the fonts (and font addresses)* used in the project as well as definitions for the font, colors, sizes, line heights, etc. for html headings 1 through 6, links, menus and submenus (if applicable).

You or your designer are responsible for securing all image and font licenses for your custom design.

Don't worry if you don't understand all the design terminology, your designer should know what we're talking about--if not, we're always here to help.

Theme Forest

In addition to the files above, clients purchasing designs from ThemeForest should provide the following assets:
  • The preferred color scheme (for themes that provide multiple color scheme variations);
  • The preferred font selections (for themes that provide multiple font variations);
  • The preferred content templates for each of the following content types: Home, Page, Album, Blog/Media, Calendar, Form (for themes that provide multiple content template variations);
  • All original theme files including: design, html, css and javascript. This may be combined into one zip file.

Getting Started

  • Sign In to the Thrive Control Panel
  • Choose Your Site
  • Select Customize Themes
  • Choose New Theme
  • Select Request Implementation
  • Upload Your Logo, Web and Print Files to the Server
  • Complete the Custom Theme Implementation Request Form
  • Check Your Email and Respond to Any Messages We Send

Custom theme implementation generally takes about 3-4 weeks from the time we approve your files.  Logo changes and additional design revisions submitted after branding and customization have been completed may incur costs beyond the initial setup fee.