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Assemble Your Team


Taking an inventory of your talent and organizing the people you have on hand into teams will help you determine which methods of communication you can tackle now, and which ones will have to wait for later.

Gather Your Talent

  • Write job descriptions based on your needs
    Some of the most common positions include:
    • Team Lead
    • Writer
    • Editor
    • Publisher (web, social and audio/video)
    • Designer
    • Photographer
    • Videographer
  • Publicize your job openings
  • Meet with potential applicants to set expectations, assess talents and discover interests
  • Select applicants based on their talents and your needs

Organize Your Talent Into Teams

  • Group job descriptions by function to form teams
  • Assign your talent to appropriate job descriptions and teams

Plan for Success

  • Request a budget for training, affirmation and appreciation.
  • Request a venue for all-hands-on-deck meetings and training.
  • Conduct all-hands-on-deck meeting to cast vision, set expectations and build excitement
  • Schedule at least quarterly all-hands-on-deck meetings to refine vision, celebrate progress, conduct training and team building activities
  • Schedule regular team lead meetings
  • Have teams schedule regular team meetings