Account Services


Account Services allows you to see your current subscriptions, how much they cost and when the subscription started. You can also cancel services that are no longer needed.

Canceling Services

If you no longer need one of the services listed in the My Sites pane, select the Cancel button next the the site you wish to cancel and complete the Cancellation Request Form. Be sure to copy all content and files associated with this site before completing the cancellation form because you will no longer have access to it once the form is submitted.

Service Ratings

Help us improve Thrive for all of our customers by rating some of the key components of our offering.


Tell us anything. We want to hear from you--especially if you rated one of the areas of service above or below average.

Additional Information

To make your transition as easy as possible, we need to know what you want us to do with your domain.

New Provider

To protect our customers, we have a strict policy of only making changes to important services like email, DNS and hosting when communicating with authorized representatives of your organization. If you are moving to another provider, let us know who it is so that we'll be prepared if they call on your behalf.

Service Termination Policy Checkbox

Be sure you have read and understand the service termination policy before cancelling your service.