The statistics area of your site can be a useful tool to help measure the success of your site in the areas of attracting new visitors, visitor loyalty, and keeping site content relevant and useful.

New Visitors

The new visitors area is an indicator of marketing effectiveness and site visibility based on the number of new visitors. New visitors are visitors of your site that have previously never been to your site. This section is particularly useful in measuring the actual number of unique visitors that have been to your site. This statistic will help you determine whether one person has visited the site 100 times or 100 people have visited the site one time.

Repeat Visitors

The repeat visitors section is an indicator of visitor loyalty based on the number of people who visited your site more than once. As opposed to new visitors, repeat visitors have already been to your site previously. However, this statistic can be an important measure of how useful your site is to your audience.

Page Views

The page views section is an indicator of the relative relevance, quality and effectiveness of your content based on page views. This section will help you fine tune the content of your site to make sure that it is relevant and useful.