Post on Twitter

Allowing Thrive access to your Twitter account

When clicking the "Post on Twitter" option in Thrive you'll be presented with the option to login to your Twitter account  and allow Thrive access to make post.  In order to utilize Thrive's ability to communicate with Twitter you'll need to follow through with logging into your Twitter account as prompted.  This is simply a means of telling Twitter that it's ok for post to be delivered from the Thrive system on your behalf.  If you do not currently have a Twitter account you'll have the option to create one at that time.

Making a Twitter post from Thrive

Once you've allowed Thrive access to your Twitter account you'll have the ability to input a post in the "Message" field provided.  Another option Thrive provides you with is scheduling when you would like your post to appear.  The system will automatically default to the current date and time.  If you would like to customize this you can click on the date listed which will open a window that allows you to choose the date and time you wish for it to post.