Send Text

Who can I send text to?

When you select "Send Text" under the Publish option you'll have the ability to select any group you have listed in your "Manage Groups" section of Thrive.  The users who are part of that group that have selected to receive text from your site in their profile will receive them accordingly.  Any users preference to receive or not receive text can be adjusted under the "Manage People" area of Thrive.

Sending Text

After clicking "Send Text" you'll see that you have the ability to type out a 140 character or less message.  You can then choose the group(s) that you would like to send to. You may also schedule the text to be sent at whatever date and time you wish by clicking the date and time link that is displayed.  Note: If you do not choose a specific date and time the text message will be sent immediately.  Once you're happy with the message, recipients, and scheduled send time simply click the "Send" button.