Manage Web Site


The Publish Page area is for creating and editing pages. In this area you have the ability to add content to a page and view it exactly as it would appear on your live web page. You can edit the menu link, the menu link position, shortcut, SEO settings such as search title, summary, and key words, set the access level for the page, enable commenting, schedule the publish and expiration date, as well as access the head section of the page for any scripts or additional meta tags you desire the page to include.

Creating New Content

Click the "New" link to create a new page. There are currently six page types including web content page, album page for images, blog page for blog posts, calendar page for events, form page for online forms, and media page for podcast episodes. Each of the last five page types offer special functionality and theme-specific layouts. Album, Blog, and Media pages offer the ability to allow commenting. Blog and Media pages also offer subscription capabilities through RSS readers and Podcatchers respectively as they are published in accordance with the current official RSS specification. Calendar pages offer an interactive calendar widget and the ability to add single events to iCal-compatible calendar programs and mobile devices through a special link. The data collected through form pages is compiled in the Analyze Responses and View Responses areas. See the Publish page of this help guide for a more comprehensive description of each type of content.

Manage Menu

Click the Manage Menu button to get drag-and-drop control of your site's navigation structure. Click on a page title and drag it to the desired area of the site then release it and it will be moved to that area instantly. Drag pages to the "Drop Here to Hide From Menu" section at the very bottom of the page list to remove the page link from your public navigation menus. Pages dropped there will still be accessible through other links you've made to them on the site and by their shortcut addresses.


Click the Files button to open the site's storage area where your files are managed. Here, you can store images, audio, video, and documents for use on your site. Image files stored here can also be edited using the built-in image editor. The image editor allows you to easily crop, resize, enhance, among many other actions as well as apply several creative special effects to your images.