Manage People

Manage People

The Manage People area of Thrive allows an Administrator much flexibility in assigning users the ability to use different areas of Thrive and communicate with them effectively in combination with the Groups area.  The first step in utilizing the People Management ability is to invite users to register.

Selecting Management Rights

Once a user is registered you can select the "Manage People" link from the Site Settings screen and then use the search field to find any users associated with your site. In the search results you can click on any name in order to display that person profile. Under their profile you'll have the ability to view the person's contact info as well as their contact preferences. From this screen, you can also select what areas your Thrive site they'll be able to manage by selecting the options individually under the "Manage" area to the right in the person profile. Also listed here are any Groups a particular user is part of which can be selected or deselected as needed.

Microformat Plugins and Extensions

Chrome: Web Store
Firefox: Add-Ons
Internet Explorer: IE Gallery
Opera: No plugin required.
Safari: Microformats Bookmarklet (Also works in Firefox and Internet Explorer)