My Files


My Files is where you organize, store and manage copies of pictures, audio, video and other documents uploaded from your personal computer. Think of My Files like your own drive on the Web.

Uploading Files

To upload files, select the "Upload" button and then choose the files your want to upload from your machine. (Internet Explorer versions 9 and lower only support single-file uploads.)

Creating a New Folder

To create a new folder:
  1. Select the "New Folder" button;
  2. Give the folder a name; and 
  3. Press the "Enter" or "Return" key.

Deleting a File or Folder

To delete a file or folder, select the "X" to the left of any file or folder you would like to delete. Files and folders are stored in the trash for up to 14 days.

Restoring a File or Folder

We all make mistakes sometimes. If you accidentally delete a file or folder, don't worry, we've got you covered.  You can restore files and folders from the trash for up to 14 days from the time you deleted them.