Creating a form

To begin creating a Form page select "Forms" from the drop down menu under your Site Name in the main toolbar,  then click the "New Form" link at the top right.  Once inside the Form page you'll notice that the Submit button is created for you by default.  You can create form questions and answer  fields as needed for your form by clicking the "New Item" button.  When you click the button the Form Question box will open where you can enter your question and then select the response type you would like to use and if you would prefer to have a default answer. 

Response Types

Select One

This response is used when your question is multiple choice and only allows for one option to be selected.

Select Multiple

Allows for multiple options/answers to be selected for the same question

Select List

Similar to a Select One response but instead of radio buttons this option utilizes a drop down box to allow the user to select a single answer

Text Box

Allows the person filling out the form to type their own single line answer.

Comment Box

Allows for a multiply line "full sentence" type response.

Once your form fields are created you may Save and/or Publish the page the same as standard web pages in your site.  After the form page is published and responses are received they can viewed under the Forms area of the Thrive control panel.